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As a CNC Machinist, I had to operate over 60 different machines. I realized the need to be able to track tool lengths and offsets. Many machines have multiple CNC programs (GCode) for different parts, as well as multiple fixtures. Sometimes the global tool offsets need to be changed when changing programs. Rather than relying on memory, I designed this tool to store all the information along with any notes about program changes, machine quirks, etc.

The JCNCT is a CNC Tool length and offset tracking utility. The JCNCT allows you to setup one or more locations with unlimited machines and tools per location. The software is a hosted solution (SAAS), although you can use your own MySQL database on any server you desire, such as AWS, Azure or your own web server. The software is mobile-ready and works with desktop browsers, also.

The JCNCT also supports multiple users with permission access for C.R.U.D. and administrative functions. Users can also be limited to one location or ALL locations.

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